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  • Mar 27 2017 Chuck Berry RIP

    All of us in the Steppenwolf organization were saddened by the news of the passing of Chuck Berry.  His music touched everyone.  Along with sadness come some fond memories:

    Chuck Berry

    From John Kay:  Some are fine singers or great song writers, pioneering guitarists or outstanding showmen, but very, very few are all four. Chuck Berry excelled at ALL these talents, he was without question, the total package.  He also, as the first Poet of Rock 'n Roll, painted pictures with his lyrics that led some of us to "The Promised Land". Farewell Chuck Berry, "Thank You" for all the joy your music gave us.  

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  • Feb 02 2017 Mercedes "Easy Driver" Super Bowl Ad is "Born to Be Wild"

    See the Mercedes Super Bowl Ad by Coen Brothers

    By E.J. Schultz. Published onJanuary 26, 2017.  

     Cohen Brothers Superbowl Ad for Mercedes

    Mercedes' Super Bowl ad has the makings of a baby boomer fantasy: It includes Peter Fonda, Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" and references to the 1969 classic flick "Easy Rider." But advertising aficionados might be more interested in the ad's directing credits: Joel and Ethan Coen.

    The Coen brothers -- whose film credits include "No Country for Old Men," "Fargo" and "The Big Lebowski" -- have not directed a Super Bowl spot in years, according to Mercedes.

    The ad, called "Easy Driver," puts a modern twist on "Easy Rider" by portraying a group of aging bikers at a bar. After a clumsy fight -- aching bones and all -- the men are told their bikes parked out front are "blocked in." They step outside to find that the man blocking them in is Mr. Fonda, who starred in "Easy Rider." He's not riding a bike. Instead he's in a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.

    The agencies behind the spot are Merkley and Partners, which is the lead shop for Mercedes-Benz USA, and Antoni of Berlin, Germany, which handles the brand in Europe.

    The ad is part of Mercedes new strategy of giving more marketing attention to AMG, which is its sports car and high-performance sub brand. "Real car aficionados know what an AMG is. What we are now doing is beginning a process of making AMG a brand in its own right and broadening that... read more

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In the chaotic world of rock 'n' roll, in which the lifespan of most bands can be measured in terms of a few years or a few months, John Kay and Steppenwolf have emerged as one of rock's most enduring and respected bands, delivering hard-hitting, personally-charged music for almost five decades.

In the late 1960s, Steppenwolf embodied that era's social, political and philosophical restlessness, building an impressive body of edgy, uncompromising rock 'n' roll that retains its emotional resonance more than three decades after the band's formation. Such Steppenwolf standards as "Born to Be Wild," "Magic Carpet Ride," "Rock Me" and "Monster" stand amongst Rock's most indelible anthems.