Steppenwolf Discography

Album Title
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Year Label Artist
John Kay & The Sparrow 1967 Columbia RecordsCS-9758 John Kay & The Sparrow  
Steppenwolf 1968 ABC Dunhill /50029 Steppenwolf  
The Second 1968 ABC Dunhill /50037 Steppenwolf  
At Your Birthday Party 1969 ABC Dunhill /DSX-50053 Steppenwolf  
Early Steppenwolf 1969 ABC Dunhill /DS-50060 Steppenwolf  
Monster 1969 ABC Dunhill /DS-50066 Steppenwolf  
Steppenwolf Live 1970 ABC Dunhill /DSD-50075 Steppenwolf  
Steppenwolf 7 1970 ABC Dunhill /DSX-50090 Steppenwolf  
For Ladies Only 1971 ABC Dunhill /DSX-50110 Steppenwolf  
Steppenwolf Gold Their Greatest Hits 1971 ABC Dunhill /DSX-50099 Steppenwolf  
Rest In Peace 1972 ABC Dunhill /DSX-50124 Steppenwolf  
Forgotten Songs and Unsung Heroes 1972 ABC DunhillDSX-50120 John Kay  
My Sportin' Life 1973 Universal Music (UK) LTD John Kay  
16 Greatest Hits 1973 ABC Dunhill /DSX-50135 Steppenwolf  
Slow Flux 1974 Mums/Epic /PZ-33093 Steppenwolf  
Hour Of The Wolf 1975 Epic /PE-33583 Steppenwolf  
Skullduggery 1976 Epic /PE-34120 Steppenwolf  
The ABC Collection 1976 ABC Records /AC-30008 Steppenwolf  
Reborn To Be Wild 1976 Epic / PE-34382 Steppenwolf  
All In Good Time 1978 Mercury RecordsSRM-1-3715 John Kay  
Live In London 1981 Mercury/PolygramAustralia 6437147 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Wolftracks 1982 Nautilus RecordingWolf Records NR-53 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Wolftracks 1982 Attic RecordsWolf Records LAT-1145 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Wolftracks 1983 Allegiance AV-434 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Paradox 1984 Attic RecordsWolf Records LAT-1191 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Rock 'N' Roll Rebels 1987 Qwil RecordsNU-1560 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Lone Steppenwolf 1988 MCA RecordsMCA-25167 John Kay  
Rise & Shine 1990 IRS RecordsIRSD-82046 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
The Best of John Kay & Sparrow: Tighten Up Your Wig 1993 Columbia/LegacyCK-50344 John Kay & The Sparrow  
Live At 25 1995 ERA Records 5030 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Feed The Fire 1996 Winter HarvestWH 3310-2 John Kay & Steppenwolf  
The Lost Heritage Tapes 1997 Macola Records John Kay  
20th Century Masters: The Best Of Steppenwolf (Millennium Collection) 1999 Geffen Recorsds Steppenwolf  
All Time Greatest Hits 1999 MCA Records Steppenwolf  
Heretics And Privateers 2001 Cannonball Records John Kay  
Live At 25 - Silver Anniversary 2003 Rainman Records John Kay & Steppenwolf  
LIVE in Louisville DVD 2004 Rainman Records John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Live In Louisville CD 2004 Rainman Records John Kay & Steppenwolf  
Heretics & Privateers  2004 Rainman Records John Kay  
Live at the Renaissance Center DVD  2004 Rainman Records John Kay & Friends  
The Lost Heritage Tapes  2005 Rainman Records John Kay & Company  
Steppenwolf Gold 2005 MCA Records  Steppenwolf  
Live In London CD 2006 Rainman Records John Kay & Steppenwolf  
A Rock & Roll Odyssey DVD  2008 Rainman Records John Kay & Steppenwolf