Hello all: Thought some of you might like to read this note from Lori (she arranged our San Diego OFI benefit show last year) and also see these pics of "Steppenwolf" the baby orangutan. JK

From Lori:  

I wanted to pass on some things I think you may enjoy….so let’s start with my trip to Boneo in January! Once again I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Care Center nursery as well as accompanying Dr. Berute Galdikas on some interesting hikes, land purchases, visits from other academics, etc., etc. The highlight of course,  were the young orangutans ….particularly one of the newest whom they have named “Steppenwolf” in honor of you and the band.  He is a sweet young male whose eyes could melt the coldest of hearts……you must meet him!  They have limited information on him but he did come in orphaned with burns on his hands and feet which have since healed.  I spent time with him daily and found out that Dr. Galdikas named him herself when he came in late last year.  He was featured in the OFI newsletter as Orangutan of the Month for March….

Click the picture to read the full story of Steppenwolf the Orangutan.

Steppenwolf the Orangutan

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