It was the last show for Larry Byrom. It's sad to see him go but we're also happy to get Danny Johnson back for our next show, Sep 10th in Hot Springs, AR. Larry's wife, son and daughter-in-law were in attendence which made the night all the more special for Larry. A close to sell out crowd! The Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino is a terrific place. Check it out when you can! Wolfpackers Charles & Jo Ann Kell (MO), Bob Belgard (NY), Jim Marino (CA), Dan Crossley (NV) (a fellow USAF retiree), Susan Keeting (MT) and Jeff Good (MT) were there. My wife Gloria was with me and helped me at Wolfmart. Superfan Anna Montoya and husband Walter were gracious hosts (we were 15 mins from their home). Anna and her "gang" had 23 front and center tickets and most wore matching "Fierce Predator" shirts and Anna made custom Steppenwolf name tags. Anna's gang as well as all of the Wolfpackers mentioned above went to an after show meet & greet for photo's, autographs,etc. Anna & Walter treated us to lunch at a very good New Mexican restaruant. We were carried out in a wheel barrow we ate so much. Had breakfast with Charles & JoAnn Kell and Bob Belgard then it was off to the airport for all to fly home. We're a traveling party of 9, from 5 different cities so when the Nashville bunch (for this trip it was Gary Link, Larry Byrom and myself), we arrived at the airport, checked in, went to our gate and were informed that our flight was delayed by 55 mins. Our layover in Chicago was 50 mins so do the math. After a 2 hour delay, we attempted to take off. Just as the plane was seconds away from lifting off, the pilot aborted the flight, slammed on the breaks, reversed engines and came to a stop. All remaining flights on all remaining airlines were 105% booked so we spent another night in Albuquerque and finally arrived in Nashville @ 2pm this past Monday, Jul 25th. This was the 3rd flight that we either missed or was cancelled since Jun 27th. This is not the year of the airplane! Next show and after show report will be on Sep 10th when we have a concert in Hot Springs, AR.

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