The Great White North it's not - Canada should be called the Great White Hot. Wow, was it ever. One would sweat just thinking about moving. A very good crowd and with stage & equipment issues we were only able to do a 60 min show. We played this event (called Rockin the Park) at it's beginning, 8 years ago. The band kicked it and put on a good show. In the bus after the show, Larry Byrom stated that he almost passed out twice. Luckily he didn't. We we joined by wolfpackers: Barry & Bev Lavers from Ontario, Canada and long time friend Butch Kalson and his companion Annie. I was able to spend some quality time with Butch & Annie at lunch yesterday, at the show and a large group of us (the wolfpackers mentioned, Ron Hurst, Larry Byrom, Gary Link and Chris Bray & Jerry Sumner (from our crew) are eating breakfast as I'm writing this. We're back on the bus in an hour for a 2 1/2 hour drive to Toronto then we fly to Albuquerqe (via Dallas), arrive tonight with a show in Santa Fe, NM tomorrow night. Until next time. Take care of yourselves in this blistering heat. CNN reported 22 deaths in the US because of it. Stay in your home and listen to Steppenwolf CD's!

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