Here is my update that I'll be sending out one day the week of Mar 21st:

1 - THIS IS WORTH SEEING: Wolfpacker Richard Bourne has found the following and I want to pass it on to you: go to: register, then search Steppenwolf and you see: various & rare video clips like: Sparrow: Square Headed People and the Febrege album of the month, featuring Steppenwolf 7.

2 - THE LEGENDS CRUISE: Let me know, via email, when you've confirmed your cruise reservation. I'd like to keep a list of wolfpackers who we'll be seeing on the ship. You never know, we may just schedule something extra "For Members Ony".

3 - DON'T FORGET TO LOGIN FIRST: Back in the day, under the old system, when I received an order from a Wolfpacker who didn't log in, I would manually deduct 10% and run it through the credit card terminal. Well we're under a new system, the old system, as well as the credit card terminal are gone, so If you don't log in prior to placing a merchandise order, you won't get your 10% discount and we can't backtrack and apply it after the order is placed, so don't forget to login 1st.

4 - NEW CONCERT DATES: I recently added a new concert date, Sep 10th in Hot Springs, AR. Go to the website often and don't forget to look at tour dates and Charlie's Corner. As  of press time, here are 2 more:

Apr 16: Long Beach Grand Prix, Long Beach, CA

May 7: Benefit for the Orangutan Foundation @ 4th & B, San Diego, CA

5 - I NEED YOUR HELP. When I send you survey question(s), I'm doing it to show management that people are interested. I sent a list of survey questions in my last email update and didn't even receive a 10% response. The survey was for 6 different items. If you still have the last email update, look it over and let me know what you'd be interested in seeing/having/buying, etc, or none. It's hard to convince management when the response from the Wolfpack is less than 10%. Thank you and your understanding is appreciated.

6 - THEY'RE BACK: I just launched the return of the autographed CD slip case. You'll receive a full color, autographed (by John Kay) CD slip case with the purchase of any 4 CD's. Order 8, you get 2, you get the picture. Note: A double CD pack counts as a 1 CD purchase.

7 - NEW ALPHA WOLF POSTED: A new Alpha Wolf just got posted. Be sure to go to and read it.

The strength of the Pack - is the Wolf -- The strength of the Wolf - is the Pack



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