Greetings Everyone: As many of you know, in recent years my wife Jutta and I have been devoting more and more time to the Maue Kay Foundation. In fact, as mentioned in previous posts, one of the reasons The Wolf still plays a limited number of dates each year, is that this enables us to continue the funding of MKF’s various projects. However recently we came across a unique opportunity to directly lend a hand to a most deserving cause, namely the Orangutan Foundation International. All my band mates and the Wolf crew, have agreed to play a special Benefit for OFI on Saturday May 7 at “4th& B” in San Diego. We’re playing near Sacramento on Wednesday May 5 – Cinco de Mayo - and so it’s just a short flight down to San Diego from there. But how did this come about? Well Jutta and I were contacted during the production of the IMAX 3D film named “Born To Be Wild” – which is about OFI and The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya - because the Maue Kay Foundation supports OFI and Sheldrick. The film, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman – a fine trailer can be seen at:  will open in Los Angeles in April and both Dame Daphne Sheldrick and Dr. Birute Galdikas – founder of OFI - will attend its premier. After some brain storming with OFI’s volunteers and great support provided by the owner of 4th&B in San Diego, we decided to do the Benefit. Dr. Galdikas – who I’m told likes our kind of music - will attend our performance and I look forward to meeting this truly inspiring woman. Those interested in this event can get the lowdown at: You may also find the information at: enlightening. We hope the Benefit will raise significant dollars, so that OFI can purchase land desperately needed for the survival of the Orangutans. An enormous amount of their habitat has already been destroyed to make way for more Palm Oil Plantations and what little is left is in great need of protection. When Jutta and I were in Indonesia and Malaysia years ago, we visited a Orangutan Sanctuary were orphaned or injured primates were nurtured until they could return to the wild. We then learned how the indigenous people feel about Orangutans. They explained that “Orang utan” means “people of the forest” whereas “Orang ulu” means “the people up river” While non indigenous people make a distinction between humans and primates, the locals consider both to be “people”. Stay wild. JOHN KAY

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