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Greetings Everyone:
If you’ve ever been to then I’m sure you’ll notice that this website has a whole new look and feel. We hope you’ll find the site renovation to your liking and that you will make full use of what it has to offer. As all Wolf Packers know, the original site was created as a labor of love by our keyboardist Michael Wilk and for years has been “Wolf Central” for those in search of Steppenwolf information, recordings and more. Just about every feature that Michael created for the original site has been incorporated into this new one, plus there are a few new ones that I think you will enjoy. Before I move on I want to take this opportunity to publicly say “Thank You Michael, for all the time, care and effort you spent in creating our site and for making it the success it has been.”

As many of you are aware, in order to give me more time to devote to the Maue Kay Foundation as well as other pursuits, we now play only a few select dates each year. Michael is also involved in other projects these days and so the timing seemed right for a new updated website, to be handled by someone else. However this change is only part of a larger development. After many years of looking after Steppenwolf’s various affairs I’ve now passed the baton to our long time manager Ron Rainey, who is most familiar with the Steppenwolf history and - as they say these days - “our core values.” The Wolf legacy therefore will be in good hands and Ron will see to it that our story continues to be heard….so to speak.

The foregoing notwithstanding, the Wolf will be out again in 2011 playing 10 to 12 of the above mentioned “selected dates”. While we only played 8 dates this year, all were most enjoyable and the visuals that now often accompany our performances, once again received a lot of positive comments. The show at Churchill Downs in Louisville and the Festival in Switzerland were particularly notable for we saw many of our long time supporters, some of whom had come from Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

While for the Wolf 2010 was a good year overall, we all know that for far too many it was yet another year of hanging on and hoping for better days to come. At this time of year need and want are of course most keenly felt, so let us pitch in and let our struggling neighbors know they’ve not been forgotten, I believe that we can all do something – no matter how modest – and the worst we can do is nothing. Stay wild

Signed, John Kay

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