Peter Fonda and John Kay

PETER FONDA: It’s taken me a couple of days to absorb the shock of Peter’s death. He was so upbeat about the planned screening of Easy Rider at Radio City Music Hall, that I never suspected he was in ill health and – as I have learned – was battling lung cancer. I was so looking forward to seeing him in New York and resuming our friendship face to face. The last time we saw each other was in 2004 when I was inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame and he came to Toronto to be my Inductor for the TV broadcast. We spent a little time together at the post event party, but it was the following morning that we – Peter, Jim Carrey (who had also been inducted), Jutta & I had private time together and traded stories and recollections without any show business intrusions. That’s the Peter I became so fond of, open, cheerful and unpretentious. There’s an Easy Rider film poster in my workroom that Peter had signed “To John & Jutta - Together Forever”. That’s true in a way, we are and will be linked forever. When a friend departs, it leaves a hole in your life that can’t be filled and I miss Peter already. -JK

Easy Rider poster signed by Peter Fonda to John Kay

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