To all our friends and supporters:

As many of you may have heard by now, Steppenwolf played its last show on October 14, 2018. It was in 1968, fifty years ago, that our first album was released and I felt it was now time for the Wolf to retire. Through the ups and downs of our long ride we had the loyal support of the Wolfpack, those who came to hear us play again and again and who never deserted us. We owe them our gratitude and we salute them all. We also want to acknowledge our families and friends as well as the recording engineers, producers, agents, managers and various advisors, who played a role in our longevity and who were our support team that helped us navigate our long journey. Finally, I must pay tribute to our band and crew. I don’t believe there’s another band of our vintage that’s been fortunate enough to have the same dedicated and talented band and crew members for as long as we have. Every member of our team has been with the Wolf for at least 25 years and some as long as 36. That speaks for itself I think. So after playing – more than once - all 50 states, 9 Canadian Provinces and 21 other countries these past fifty years, we say “Thank you all, it’s been a hell of a ride”

- JK

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