The music of Steppenwolf has been an iconic part of motorcycle culture.   Ron Hurst has been the band’s drummer for over 30 years and has lived the musicians’ lifestyle of long road tours playing at venues all over the world with many of them centered around the motorcycling community.  Ron’s passion for riding rivals his passion for music.  He knows how both can inspire and liberate.
Ron created a motorcycle with a retro feel from a 1996 Road King Police Edition.  It’s not flashy or outrageous. It’s a true riders motorcycle with personal touches influenced from his other passion, the music of Steppenwolf.
For over seventeen years, Ron has seen much of the country on his motorcycle with untold stories of beautiful journeys and rides with people from rock’s innermost circle.  Ron has been on several celebrity rides with Jay Leno and peers.  He’s ridden the Trail of Tears and taken his motorcycle to numerous other biker events.  He’s even had his bike parked on stage during Steppenwolf concerts. 
One of Ron’s favorite riding buddies is John Giles, the former guitar player for Leon Russell.  John was the creative force behind the stylization of the rear tail light on Ron’s bike.  There’s a host of memorabilia painted on or etched into the motorcycle.  The airbrushed tank artwork is taken directly from Steppenwolf’s Slow Flux album; the timing cover from Hour of the Wolf; and the gas cap is engraved with Live at 25.  The tank is autographed by all of Steppenwolf’s band members including John Kay, Ron Hurst, Michael Wilk, Danny Johnson and Gary Link.
Ron has decided that it’s time for this piece of motorcycle and rock ‘n’ roll history to find a new home.   This is the “Born to Be Wild” motorcycle if there ever was one.  And now it could be yours! 

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