Q&A WITH JOHN KAY & STEPPENWOLF DRUMMER RON HURST I am Roberto of Rock Fanzine “Sounds Like New” from Spain. I like your work and it will be a great pleasure if one member of the group wanted to do an interview for my publication. If you want to take a look to my fanzine please see this link: http://es.scribd.com/doc/207439358/SOUNDS-LIKE-NEW-Nº-31 Thanks for all. Roberto Question #1: 1. Where are you now and what are you doing? Answer: When I'm not performing with John Kay and Steppenwolf, I have a studio where I teach drums and percussion in Oregon. Question: 2. You are in Steppenwolf since 1984, what do you feel about forming in this legendary band during this long period? Answer: I feel that it has been a privilege to be able to perform our music for the fans for the last 30 years. Question 3. What kinds of sensations do you feel when you are on stage playing songs like Born to be wild? Answer: When I see the response of the fans to the music; it’s as exciting as it was 30 years ago when I started with the group. Question 4. When you are on stage now, do you feel the same sensations like 30 years ago? Answer: Same answer as three Question 5. How is John Kay like artist? Answer: As an artist John Kay is one of the best. He writes excellent music and his lyrics will always make a statement or tell a story. Question 6. Has the group intention in any time to record new material for a new album? Answer: Not at this time Question 7. How is at this moment a Steppenwolf show? Answer: I feel Steppenwolf shows are as exciting as they ever were… Fun for both the fans as well as for us performing Question 8. Steppenwolf played in great festivals with other great legends, have you got any good history to tell us about this? Answer: When we do play festivals with other legendary bands, I always try to take the time to thank them for their great music and quite often their influence that they may have had on me as a person. Question 9: I think you also are teacher in a school, Do you like to teach? Answer: As I mentioned in the first question, I do teach. I enjoy it very much and very rewarding to pass on all I have learned to new and up-and-coming students. Question: 10. I think in the past, you worked with a legend like Chuck Berry, how was that experience? Answer: Playing with Chuck Berry will always be an awesome and memorable experience. Knowing that I was able to share the stage with somebody who influenced mostly anybody who ever played rock 'n roll, including The Beatles Question 11. Steppenwolf guitarist, Danny Johnson played guitar with one of my favorites groups, Alcatrazz, how is to work with him? Answer: Danny Johnson is a great guitarist who brought a lot to the band. He is a pleasure to work with. We are good friends both on and off stage. Question 12. How do you see the music future with internet and illegal downloads? Answer: The Internet could be a very useful tool for getting music out to the people especially for new bands that are starting up. Illegal downloads are simply wrong. Artists should be paid for their work! Question 13. Steppenwolf always has been one of the main groups for motorbikes concentrations, does the group appreciate this? Answer: Steppenwolf is very appreciative of all fans that enjoy our music, whether they ride motorcycles or not. I ride motorcycles myself so I especially enjoy the biker festivals and seeing the various motorcycles that show up at them Question 14. Have you got any Spinal Tap situation to tell us? Answer: As far as spinal tap stories, there is always the one where I fell off the back of the stage and hit my head on the floor and broke my foot. I was on crutches for two weeks while on tour. There have also been a few occasions where we got lost trying to find our way to the stage from the dressing room. Question15. Do you want to say anything more? In conclusion, I would like to thank everybody who has enjoyed our music and band throughout the years. Anyone in the music business will tell you that a band is only as good as the people who appreciate them. Thank you again. Ron Hurst

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