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Slow Flux - CD


1974—Imported. Steppenwolf’s 1974 comeback album (after their Valentine’s Day, 1972 retirement announcement) that started a new era of Steppenwolf music. Unavailable in its entirety for many years, it contains the Top 40 hit “Straight Shootin’ Woman,” as well as the foretelling “Children of Night,” and “Gang War Blues.” Clamored for by fans since it went out of print, we are pleased to offer it once again. Other songs: Justice Don’t Be Slow, Get Into The Wind, Jeraboah, Smokey Factory Blues, Morning Blue, A Fool’s Fantasy, Fishin’ in The Dark.

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Not too long after the “My Sportin’ Life” album had come and gone, The Wolf played what was to be our farewell tour in Europe. Reunited after some months apart we were recharged. The tour proved quite successful and playing together was so much fun that we decided to record a new album. “Slow Flux” was the first project to be recorded in my studio in California (which by now had expanded into a full working studio). Bobby Cochran, (nephew of rock pioneer Eddie Cochran) had joined The Wolf on guitar and his high energy helped propel much of this album. Some of my favorites include “Straight Shootin Woman”, written by Jerry Edmonton (who with Tom Gundlefinger, created the album cover) “Children Of Night”, “Gang War Blues”, “Smokey Factory Blues” and “Fishing In The Dark”. Overall I thought the album was a good effort. The LP made the top 40 chart and while“Straight Shootin Woman” reached the top 20 singles chart, and so a new chapter of Steppenwolf (the 70’s) was born.

Track list:

  1. GANG WAR BLUES (J. Edmonton/J. Kay/K. Fowley/G. McJohn)
  3. JUSTICE DON'T BE SLOW (J. Kay/J. Richie)
  4. GET INTO THE WIND (B. Cochran/C. Van Beek)
  5. JERABOAH (J. Conrad)
  7. SMOKEY FACTORY BLUES (A. Hammond/M. Hazlewood)
  8. MORNING BLUE (G. Biondo)
  9. FOOL'S FANTASY (G. McJohn)
  10. FISHIN' IN THE DARK (J. Kay)
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What A Delight To Spin the 45 Of "Straight Shootin' Woman On AM Top 40 Radio"
  • Currently 4/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Ronnie12/19/2010 09:49AM

Product ownership: A year or longer

Purchased from: John Kay & Steppenwolf

Disheartened by the band's "retirement", yet delighted to have my Eight Tracks of Kay's two solo efforts and watching him on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, this young teenage radio deejay was estatic the first time I played "Straight Shootin' Woman" on AM Radio and captured the vintage Steppenwolf single sound. It sounded great on FM too.

I believe that the single's Top 20 Billboard Chart position is a far greater accomplishment for 1974 than music fans may realize. That was a VERY competitive spring and summer for radio single airplay.

For Steppenwolf to come back and break into the Top 20 after disbanding is certainly an historic footnote in any music history buff's Top 40 Comeback Category.

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