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Monster - CD


1970—One of the first concept albums of the '70s. A classic statement of those often turbulent times. Features the original ten minute title cut and more. An essential disc in your Wolf collection. Songs: Monster/Suicide/America, Draft Resister, Power Play, Move Over, Fag, What Would You Do (If I Did That To You), From Here To There Eventually.

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With “Monster” came a fresh burst of energy with the addition of Larry Byrom (who replaced Michael Monarch on lead guitar) and his “let’s get to it” attitude. In my opinion the monster album was a stronger effort than anything since the second album. However, time was once again our enemy which made it necessary that we recorded this project in an unusual fashion. The guys came up with one track after another while I was trying to keep up with my vocal parts and lyrics. Since this was supposed to be a concept album, I had to write within certain guidelines so that the lyrics fit within the concept. During the recording of this album and “7”, which was to follow, I spent most of my time at my studio sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning, working on the melodies and lyrics. I would join the guys at American Recorders where they continued to come up with new tracks, whenever I was ready to overdub my finished vocal parts on one of the previously recorded basic tracks. On “From Here To There Eventually” and “Power Play” I also played guitar on the basic tracks. The somewhat unusual method of recording notwithstanding I was nevertheless excited each time the guys brought me a newly recorded instrumental track, since Larry and the guys came up with one great musical idea after another. Consequently, we were all pleased with the results.

Track list:

  1. MONSTER (J. Kay / J. Edmonton)
  2. SUICIDE (J. Kay / N. St. Nicholas / L. Byrom/J. Edmonton)
  3. AMERICA (J. Kay /J. Edmonton)
  4. DRAFT RESISTER (J. Kay / G. McJohn / L. Byrom)
  5. POWER PLAY (J. Kay)
  6. MOVE OVER (J. Kay / G. Mekler)
  7. FAG (L. Byrom / N. St. Nicholas / J. Edmonton)
  8. WHAT WOULD YOU DO (If I Did That To You) (L. Francen / N. Porter)
  9. FROM HERE TO THERE EVENTUALLY (J. Kay / G. McJohn / J. Edmonton)
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Monster: In My Top 20 Rock Albums Of All Time
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Ronnie12/19/2010 09:33AM

Product ownership: A year or longer

Not purchased from: John Kay & Steppenwolf

This is my favorite Steppenwolf album and I feel that, the Top 40 Hits aside, Monster contains the group's shining accomplishments with respect to songwriting, musicianship and studio production.

Just as a point of reference, when Steppenwolf disbanded the second time, I owned every album which Sparrow, Steppenwolf and John Kay (solo) had ever recorded.

Monster is a must.

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