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Steppenwolf - CD


1968—Landmark album that unleashed The Wolf upon the world! Songs: Sookie Sookie, Everybody's Next One, Berry Rides Again, Hootchie Cootchie Man, Born To Be Wild, Your Wall's Too High, Desperation, The Pusher, A Girl I Knew, Take What You Need and The Ostrich.

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"Steppenwolf" was first recorded at United/Western Studio's in Los Angeles. We didn't care for the results at all. Through my friend Morgan Cavett, we discovered The American Recording Studio, with engineers Richard Podolor and Bill Cooper. Everything fit together. They, along with Gabriel Mekler our producer made for some very exciting recording sessions. We were knocked out by what we heard. It was everything we hoped for. We recorded onto an eight track machine through a tube board using a live echo chamber that Richie and Bill had built, which was one of the best live chambers in Los Angeles at that time. We recorded seven songs the first day and four more the next. The majority of the vocals were recorded on the third day and the album was mixed on day four. The entire album cost around $9,000.00 to make. We thought it sounded pretty damn good and in my opinion it still holds up to this day. Someone once said, "You have your entire life to get ready for the first album, and no time for the next one". That was certainly true in our case.

Track List

  1. SOOKIE SOOKIE (D. Covay / S. Cropper)
  2. EVERYBODY'S NEXT ONE (J.Kay / G. Mekler)
  5. BORN TO BE WILD (M. Bonfire)
  8. THE PUSHER (H. Axton)
  9. A GIRL I KNEW (J. Kay /M. Cavett)
  10. TAKE WHAT YOU NEED (J. Kay / G. Mekler)
  11. THE OSTRICH (J. Kay)
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Reviewed by: Tim12/18/2010 11:18PM

Product ownership: A year or longer

Not purchased from: John Kay & Steppenwolf

I have one of the first original albums for you old school fans it was on 33 LP vinyl. I literally spent hours upon hours lisitening to it over and over again I saved it along with many alblums from the early 1960's and 1970's and will play them to to get the full effect of music that was awesome but better sounding in some ways than the cd's that have been digitally remastered now.

Long Live Steepenwolf brother and keep on trucking man.

Today's Producers Should Learn From This Album
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Ronnie12/19/2010 09:14AM

Product ownership: A year or longer

Not purchased from: John Kay & Steppenwolf

The natrual compression obtained through the tube console is just tailor made for Steppenwolf's sound. The warmth it adds to Goldy's organ and the smoothing effect sounds far better than the heinous way today's producers squish the dynamic range out of everything to achieve loudness. "The_Ostrich" is timeless in its message. I own this on vinyl and it's in my iPod.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: David 02/20/2011 05:31PM

Product ownership: A year or longer

Not purchased from: John Kay & Steppenwolf

When I heard Born To Be Wild, I bought the album. Really blew me away. Like the Ostrich, Your Wall's Too High, The Pusher, and Everybody's Next One, and Desparation.

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