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Larry 06/02/15 06:48:03 PM

leaving London in 7 hours for the Niagra gigs! Let's rock with the Wolf!!

Bill 06/04/15 08:33:39 PM

Tess and I hope everybody has a great time at the Niagara shows!! The Ridgefield concert is only two months away!!!

Robert A. 06/08/15 12:20:23 AM

Just got back from back to back WOLF shows at Niagara Falls. As good as it gets for me. A great venue perched right over the falls. An awesome meet & greet, thanks Charlie. My first WOLF concert was in 1968. The fire & desire of the WOLF still runs deep & gives me goose-bumps after all these years. Oh how blessed I am to have been along for the journey. John Kay & Steppenwolf rule!!

Bill 06/09/15 08:21:24 PM

Tess and I are happy you had a great time at the Niagara shows Bob!! Having a meet & greet was really a blessing. Is their good news concerning RLC4?

Robert A. 06/09/2015 11:06:42 PM

Still no roomy. I'm bummed out. Getting very expensive also. I'll keep trying Bill Take care.

Larry 06/11/15 06:41:50 AM

Just got back to London from Niagra gigs! Absolutely fantastic shows!! The Wolf still RULE!! Thanks so much to Charlie for getting us a meet with John and a couple of photos and we also met Danny Johnson outside for a chat and it was great! Also it was nice to meet up with Craig and Mike and Diane and enjoyed our chat about all things Wolf! Lets hope we we do it all again sometime down the road!! We are all so lucky to still have the Wolf! We are back to Spain tomorrow!

Craig 06/12/15 12:46:43 PM

It is always a great pleasure to get away from business, home and often family, to go running with the pack and see the Wolf. And yes, it was very nice to catch up with you too Larry and Debbie. Just what we all needed - an infusion of live Steppenwolf.

Larry 06/25/15 06:26:04 AM

Does anyone know if the Wolf have ever played Las Vegas? I have just flown over to Niagra for the 2 gigs and i have not been to Vegas for 30 years and it would be a great excuse to see the Boys and Vegas at the same time! Very hot here in S.E. Spain!

Robert A. 06/25/2015 07:06:46 AM

Hi Larry. I saw the WOLF in Las Vegas, AKA "lost wages" in 2007 & 2010. I had a great time at Niagara Falls shows. Take care.

Larry 07/04/2015 06:07:30 AM

Thanks Robert. I wish they would play there again or somewhere in the USA where i have not been as it is so expensive to come over every year. They obviously wont be playing sleepy London town again!

Rich 07/02/15 03:52:19 AM

going to the wisconsin state fair show in august... can't wait.

Larry 07/04/2015 06:07:13 AM

Wish i could go too Rich!!!

Bill 07/04/15 11:18:21 PM

Tess and I are going to the Ridgefield, Wa. show. Any other wolfpack members going?

John 07/06/15 05:43:19 AM

47 years ago July 5th, 1968 Steppenwolf played at the Hollywood Bowl with The Doors & The Chamber Brothers. Anybody out in wolf land attend this concert? John K.

John 07/20/15 11:13:25 PM

What other Wolf packers are going to the concert August 28th at Mahnomen Shooting Star Casino besides the Elvis impersonator me? John Koebensky ( John K. for short)

Bill 08/01/15 11:18:45 PM

Just listen to an interview John Kay gave to CHMR 93.5 FM, Songwriters 10th Anniversary Special featuring "Steppenwolf The Second". John's comments about the writing and creation of the tunes along with his views of the life and times of the early days were very informative. Thanks to John for a great interview.

Lothar 08/07/15 05:08:13 PM


Larry 08/08/2015 09:08:45 AM

What is NIGHT FEVER Lothar?
very very hot here in s.e. Spain!

joe 08/11/15 01:07:59 AM

I am hoping to get to the show in Milwaukee / West Allis on Friday. If any Wolfpackers have an extra ticket to sell for Friday please let me know. I would rather sit with Wolfpackers if possible, Please message me if you do,

Bill 08/12/15 08:32:05 PM

Listened to the new ABC/Dunhill Singles Collection cd. It is terrific!!!! Really liked how some of the earlier releases had a Sparrow influence. John's comments in the liner notes are very informative and shows how hard Steppenwolf worked. A great collection of wonderful rock & roll.

The Ridgefield concert was a blast! Thanks to John and the band, Charlie and crew!!

Larry 08/13/15 03:30:58 PM

Ridgefield sounded GREAT! Wish i could have been there! In the middle of a heatwave here in s.e. Spain!

John 08/18/15 11:58:36 AM

Tomorrow August 19th is Charlie Wolf's birthday. Wishing
you a Happy Birthday Charlie with many more Happy & Healthy birthdays to come. John Koebensky

Helen 08/18/15 06:59:06 PM

Happy Birhday Charlie
Thank's for all your news letters and everthing you do ,at the stand.See you in Pa

Bill 08/19/15 08:18:38 PM

Happy Birthday wishes to you Charlie!! Thanks for everything you do for us. Stay well and stay wild!!

Bill & Tess

Rich 08/20/15 04:01:42 AM

Happy Birthday Charlie. It was great seeing you friday. Have a great birthday.

John 08/21/15 06:59:33 AM

One week from tonight I will be getting my motor running & heading on down the highway to see Steppenwolf at Mahomen Shooting Star in my home state of Minnesota. I am a happy wolf packer when Steppenwolf comes to Minnesota. It will be my 15th Steppenwolf concert. John K.

Bill 08/23/15 12:35:00 AM

Have fun John!! The Wolf put on a great concert in Ridgefield!!! Are going to RLC4?

Bill and Tess

John 08/24/2015 11:08:53 PM

I don't think I can make the RLC4. Are you & Tess going?

Bill 08/25/2015 08:08:52 PM

Yes John, we are going to make RLC4. We did not have plans to go but when we found out The Wolf was going we changed our minds.

Bill and Tess

John 08/24/15 12:10:29 PM

Happy belated Birthday Charlie...hope you had a great day..!

John 08/25/15 01:38:23 PM

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything. This quote is from Plato. John Koebensky

Robert A. 09/01/2015 08:09:57 AM

I so agree John.

Larry 08/29/15 06:13:42 AM

Does anyone know what has happened to Yeswolf? We have had a great summer here in s.e. Spain! It is still very hot!

Robert A. 09/01/2015 08:09:57 AM

Hey Larry Yeswolf rarely posts on this site anymore but he does all the time on the Face Book Wolf Site using his real name. Take care.

Larry 09/05/2015 04:09:12 PM

Thanks Robert. I missed his contribution to this site!

Nicolaj 09/11/15 03:22:31 PM

In Chicago, Illinois there is a famous theater named STEPPENWOLF after the german author Hermann Hesse, who among other novels, wrote "Der Steppenwolf" as you probably already know.
Checking out different homepages I found out that John Kay & Steppenwolf performed there at, at least, three concerts at The Steppenwolf Theater:
5/18-1992 with Paul Simon
4/1-1996 with Liz Phair
2/25-2002 with Steve Earle

Lars 09/11/2015 05:09:49 PM

That's interesting 2xSteppenwolf! Actually many famous actors has been playing at the Steppenwolf Theater. However, I would prefer to see the wolf over a play

Nicolaj 09/11/15 03:50:43 PM

And tonight John Kay & Steppenwolf are playing at the Thunder Valley Casino with Paul Rogers of Bad Co. in Lincoln, Ca.
I wish I was there right now!
Keep rocking, guys!

Lars 09/11/2015 05:09:26 PM

Nic, I can feel we're in need of a wolf gig within the next year. Hey- ho, lets go!! :-)

Nicolaj 09/11/2015 06:09:29 PM

Certainly Sir: Head out of the Highway !

Bill 09/12/2015 08:09:53 PM

Cabins are still available for RLC4 in January. Three Wolf concerts, Wolf fest at sea!

Craig 09/15/15 01:27:03 AM

Looking forward to tomorrow's show. Enjoyed a lovely day here in Amish Country - beautiful farm land, unique Mennonite folks and a foodie paradise. A healthy portion of rock and Wolf is on the menu for tomorrow though.

Larry 09/16/2015 08:09:57 AM

Hope you enjoy the gig Craig! I am jealous of you but at least i have some great photos of the Wolf when we met you in Niagra!Hope you and the family are well and would be great if we could get together again next year at another Wolf show! We are coming over in November to Orlando and was hoping the Wolf would stick a gig in somewhere then but now looks very unlikely!

Craig 09/17/2015 05:09:43 PM

Another great performance on a gorgeous summer night with a large and appreciative crowd. On the way out after the show I overheard a fellow say "What an incredible show. Here in York!" And it is unbelievable to hear music and songs like Screaming Night Hog or Monster that you loved back then, played live (and well) all these years later. Keeps us young and wild. Thank you JK & S, Charlie and crew.

Larry 09/20/2015 04:09:05 PM

Keep Rockin' Craig!

Larry 09/16/15 08:44:54 AM

Any chance of a contribution from John on the site? It would be about time he gave us his opinion on President Obama's term in office etc. Come on John, what are your views at the moment on the troubles in the world and how to solve them? Still hot here in s.e. Spain!

John 09/21/15 11:51:13 PM

Thank you John Kay & Steppenwolf & Charlie for the concerts this year. I told John he is like a fine wine, only improving with time. John K.

Bill 10/02/15 08:50:13 PM

Tess and I are joining the Wolf on RLC4. Any other Wolfpack members going?

Stay Wild,

John 10/16/2015 11:10:54 PM

Robert A. & I are trying to go. On a waiting list for a lower priced room. Only rooms available now are $6000 each, we can't afford that. John Koebensky

Bill 10/20/2015 08:10:28 PM

Hey John! We hope it works out that you Robert are on the ship. This trip is going to be fun!

Bill & Tess

John 10/13/15 08:12:19 AM

Ron Hurst's Birthday is October 14th. Happy Birthday Ron & wishing you many more happy & healthy birthdays. John Koebensky

Helen 10/14/15 06:48:59 PM

Happy Birthday Ron

Bill 10/14/15 08:02:35 PM

Hey Ron, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day in Hillsboro!

Best Regards,
Bill and Tess

John 10/24/15 08:07:01 AM

Sorry to hear of the sudden passing on of Cory Wells from 3 Dog Night. That ban was almost as good as Steppenwolf & they shared the same stage at least once. John K.

John 10/24/15 02:12:23 PM

Jerry Edmonton would have been 69 years old today. Happy Birthday Jerry.

Jeanette 10/27/15 08:13:00 PM

Haven't checked in here for a while. John will be doing a solo set of RLC 4. What song would you like to hear him play? I would love to hear " Tenderness". Hint, hint, Charlie!

Bill 10/28/2015 08:10:26 PM

John could play the entire H&P album along with Tenderness! We can't wait for this cruise!!

Bill & Tess

John 11/03/2015 08:11:24 PM

Robert A & I will see you Bill & Tess on the cruise. John Koebensky

Bill 11/04/2015 09:11:13 PM

That is great news John! We are going to howl!!!

Jeanette 12/15/2015 03:12:19 PM

I would also like to hear some of the songs from Forgotten Sons and Unsung Heroes. Bold Marauder would be my first pick!

Larry 11/04/15 08:33:46 AM

I hope to come over to the USA next year for another annual Wolf gig! I will check the Tour board for somewhere i have not been before, so look forward to seeing some Wolfers next time!! This year i went to the Niagra gigs and they were amazing!! Getting cooler here in s.e. Spain but i am over to Florida for 3 weeks in 2 weeks time!!

Larry 11/07/15 08:31:05 AM

Soon be 50th anniversary of the Wolf! Any chance of a last Wolf Fest to celebrate!

Bill 11/10/2015 09:11:26 PM

You are right on Larry, a 50th anniversary Wolf Fest would be a howlin event! We would love to help to make it happen.

Bill & Tess

Larry 11/11/2015 07:11:53 AM

See you there Bill and Tess!

Larry 11/15/15 08:23:19 AM

I leave sunny Spain for London on Wednesday then fly on Sunday to Orlando for 3 weeks! Just getting my Wolf cd,s ready for the trip! Last time i came over to Florida i saw the Wolf at Busch Gardens, what a gig that was! This is my 13th trip to your Great country and just to say, there are too many things worth saving to let the whole thing go down the drain so let,s get together and bring about change! Quite sunny here in s.e.Spain!

Bill 11/18/2015 09:11:56 PM

We hope you have safe trip Larry.

Bill & Tess

Bill 11/24/15 09:32:02 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in Wolf World!!

Keep Howlin,
Bill & Tess

John 11/28/15 11:33:59 PM

Jerry Edmonton past on 22 years ago today. RIP

Bill 12/10/15 09:15:58 PM

Hello Wolfpack!
Today I gave myself an early Christmas gift, I listened to "7" and "H&P".
Life is good!

Larry 12/13/15 09:02:47 AM

Just back from Florida and had the most amazing time!! Wore my Wolf tee shirt to Universal and got 3 comments on how great the Wolf are!! Is it true that they played Epcot and Universal some years ago? Rainy here in London! Back to Spain on Wednesday!

Jeanette 12/15/15 03:18:48 PM

Can't wait to cruise with the Wolf again in Jan. RLC 4, here we come!

Bill 12/16/2015 09:12:59 PM

We can hear the howling now!! We are ready for RLC4!!

Bill & Tess

Larry 12/18/2015 08:12:37 AM

Have a good voyage Bill! I am so jealous! Back in sunny Spain now! Come on John, give us an interview on this site. We need to freshen it up a bit!

thomas 12/24/15 06:06:07 PM

Merry christmas to all you wolfpackers out there,

Larry 12/25/15 09:15:23 AM

John used to give us all a Christmas summary on this message board. What has happened? Come on J.K., all us Wolf fans would love a bit of input from you again! A bit cloudy here in Spain this Xmas morning but i am about to put on Monster as a festive cheer up!

Bill 01/05/16 09:47:22 PM

We are very sorry about the death of Lothar Thias. Lothar will be missed, God speed.

Bill & Tess

Jay 01/06/16 01:39:03 AM

Happy New Year ~ Welcome to 2016!

Just wanted to let folks know that I am still enjoying JK & Steppenwolf and hope to make it to a concert and see some of you this coming year.

I look forward to a concert cruise update and I am very interested to hear about JK's solo set.

All the best, Jay

Larry 01/07/16 06:47:18 PM

There is more activity on the Wolf facebook page now than the official Wolf message board. what a shame!

Bill 01/17/16 10:57:57 PM

We are leaving Tuesday for RLC4! Attending a John Kay solo acoustic set has been on my bucket list for years. Saturday, 01/23/2016 that dream will by fulfilled. We are looking forward to seeing and sharing the cruise with Wolfpack brothers and sisters.

Keep Rockin,
Bill & Tess

Jay 01/22/2016 02:01:42 AM

Please share the set list... We look forward to your report!

All the best, Jay

Bill 01/27/2016 09:01:50 PM

John's Solo set was terrific. Tess and I were overwhelmed with emotion seeing this man baring his soul to hundreds of people. The set list included here is not all inclusive. My Sporting life, She Got The Goods, Many a mile, The Ice Age, The Balance and many more. We have hope that when John retires the Wolf, he will keep playing the acoustic performances. The world needs to here John Kay's voice and his message. The band sounded great also. John's voice was as strong as ever and the guys had fun on stage. The other artist that played on the cruise were good but Steppenwolf was a cut above the rest. This was a dream vacation for us, we had no plans to attend RLC4 and then the Wolf committed and we had to go. Many thanks to Charlie, the crew and JK and the band for an experience of a life time!
Bill & Tess (we are still howling)

Jeanette 01/28/2016 03:01:29 AM

Yes, Bill & Tess, and did you notice that there was no background chatter from the audience. He received the utmost respect. You could have heard a pin drop!

Bill 01/28/2016 09:01:15 PM

You are right Jeanette about the audience showing the respect John deserved during the acoustic show. It was like we all were witnessing something very special which it was. It was wonderful to share that concert with you and Bill and all the other Wolfpack members in attendance. We are so lucky!
Bill & Tess

Jay 01/28/2016 03:01:24 AM

Thanks for the update Bill! Sounds like you had an amazing time!!!

Larry 01/19/16 04:48:59 PM

Wish i was on the cruise! Maybe next time! Quite cold here in Spain!

Larry 01/26/16 10:32:00 PM

Where is everybody!!!

Jeanette 01/28/16 03:14:05 AM

John also sang " walkin' shoes", which is one of my favorites from him. Thanks to Micheal for taking the time to speak with us after one of the shows. It was a honor. We bought the picture that the ship's photographer took of us, too!

Jay 01/28/2016 03:01:46 AM

Walkin Blues! Great song... Woke up this morning looked around for my shoes- You know I got them Walkin blues! Thanks for filling me in on the set!!! Sounds great. Really shocked that he did The Balance... very cool!

Did he also do "Somebody"? All the best, Jay

Jeanette 02/02/2016 06:02:03 PM

Yes, it was and the picture of us taken with him was the best souvenir of all!

Bill 01/28/2016 09:01:50 PM

The conversation we had with Micheal was like a mini meet & greet, it was a great time!

Craig 02/17/16 12:58:18 AM

On tour in Tours France! Lucky Wolf. The Loire Valley in July is wonderful. if you can, do take time to visit the chateaus - Villandry, Chambord, Cheverny, and others. Stay in a ch√Ęteau. In nearby Montlouis sur Loire, stay in Chateau De la Bourdaisiere. Enjoy the local wine and food. Smart move booking this show.

thomas 02/18/16 08:24:03 AM

Any chance that the wolf will do moore shows in Europe. what about Scandinavia????

Larry 02/21/16 07:57:21 AM

I am looking forward to the Tours gig! For once a gig in fairly easy access to Spain!Wow, i do not have to fly to USA for this one! Bit chilly here in s.e. Spain!

Jay 02/25/16 02:02:10 AM

Hey Larry, I thought that you use to live in London or am i confusing you with a different wolfpacker who also use to comment on the weather... are you now residing in Spain or are you on Holiday?

Larry 03/01/2016 07:03:58 AM

Hi Jay
Yes i am from London and i have lived in Spain for 8 years as a lazy retired Wolf fanatic! I go back to London only when i have to and sometimes post on the message board from there. I try to come to USA when i can to get my Wolf fix!! By the way, it is sunny but cold here in Punta Prima Spain!!

Jay 04/07/2016 03:04:29 AM

I thought so... always enjoy your posts and signature observations about the weather. I hope retirement agrees with you! All the best, Jay

Larry 03/03/16 04:20:25 PM

Any chance of a Wolf gig in London or Spain? Now it is getting warmer here!!

Jeanette 03/11/16 10:04:37 PM

Thinking of Michael today with the sad news of the passing of Keith Emerson, as he was Michael's idol . Sending my condolences.

Bill 03/13/2016 09:03:21 PM

Very well said Jeanette.

Bill & Tess

Larry 03/24/16 05:59:52 AM

Anything new happening here in Wolfland? Sunny skies here in s.e. Spain!

Bill 03/24/2016 08:03:02 PM

Hi Larry,
We are patiently waiting for the announcement of the 50th anniversary Wolf Fest 2017, maybe we will get lucky and the Wolf will come to our part of the country for a concert. We are still amazed by the wonderful shows the band did on RLC4, John's solo show was a dream come true.

Keep Rockin,
Bill & Tess

Larry 04/04/16 03:52:00 PM

At least Bill and Jess are around still! Come on John, how about a piece on what you think on Donald Trump on the Wolf site? I would think you would have some very interesting views on him! Cold here in s.e. Spain but warmer weather is on the way!!

Bill 04/11/16 07:19:56 PM

Tuesday April 12, happy birthday John Kay!!!! We have loved your music from the very start of it all. Your solo concert on RLC4 was a dream come true. We hope our paths cross again very soon.

Please Keep Rockin,
Bill & Tess

Mats 04/11/16 07:32:03 PM

Fantastic to read about John Kay's solo set. I envy all of you who had the opportunity to attend this special moment. I agree with Larry about wanting to hear John's view about the present political situation in the USA. Some of us fear the possibility of Trump as the President.

Mats 04/11/16 08:24:43 PM

Happy birthday John Kay!!!! Your words and music over the years has meant so immensely much to me. You made a significant difference, thank you!

These words from Power Play were my guideline in my teens:

What gives you the right hey you
To stand there and tell me what to do
Tell me who gave you the power
To stop me from livin' like I do
Remember if you plan to stay
Those who give can take away
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

John 04/12/16 12:39:18 AM

Happy Birthday John Kay, wishing you many more happy & healthy birthdays! John Koebensky

Helen 04/12/16 04:07:03 AM

Happy Birthday JOHN

Jeanette 04/12/16 03:04:00 PM

Hoping you get to enjoy a special day with family and friends. Happy Birthday to you, John!

Nicolaj 04/16/16 08:00:31 PM

Bonjour mes amis et louppackers! Allons, allons les enfants ("let's go, let's go children") it's time to tune in on the American Tours Festival in France, 7/2-2016.
John Kay & Steppenwolf WILL BE THERE and so will Lars and I, you can be sure of that!
Oh, by the Way Lars, when you are on tour with Stepp N Wolf, don't feed him ecological vegetables or mineral water, it'll only give him a bad stomach. The diet is strictly french fries and Kronenbourg 1664!

Bill 05/03/16 08:27:36 PM

Hello Wolfpack!!!! Are you ready for the 50th anniversary WOLFFEST? We are!!

Keep Howlin!!!
Bill & Tess

Larry 05/04/16 06:31:42 AM

I will be coming over from Spain or London for the 50TH!! Only a year to wait!! Getting warm here in s.e. Spain!

Bill 05/04/2016 08:05:12 PM

Right on Larry!!!! We are looking forward to meet you!!

Bill & Tess

Larry 05/22/16 09:06:04 PM

Is there any news about the anniversary gig next year Charlie?

Larry 05/24/16 03:49:20 PM

What a shame this board is so quiet!!

Bill 05/25/16 08:14:05 PM

Hello Wolfpack!
Which five tunes would you like hear at Wolffest?

Bill & Tess

Larry 05/26/2016 05:05:44 PM

Hi Bill
I would like Ostriche, Monster, Move Over, Power Play and of course, BTBW. Let's hope there is a Wolf Fest! Keep posting Bill!

Bill 05/26/2016 08:05:30 PM

Those are great selections Larry! May I add Twisted, Hippo Stomp, Rockin Roll War, Shackles And Chains, Feed The Fire. Have faith Larry, we will have a Wolffest! See you in April!!

Bill & Tess

bill 05/29/16 02:05:39 PM


Bill 05/31/2016 12:05:57 AM

Rage is a great song Bill!! Are you going to attend Wolffest?

Bill & Tess

bill 05/31/2016 06:05:30 PM

If it happens next year I will be there. I made all but the first because I found out too late.The Icebreaker is fun also,2002 I was stage left.Think we packed that hotel:-)I would also like to see Rock And Roll Wars.

I was stage right when they played that song at a show near Cincinnati and about even with stage level and 20 feet from Wilk.It was the best show I think they have done that I saw.@ Coyotes in northern KY.

bill 05/31/2016 06:05:51 PM

Post above..I am Bill#2 :-)

Larry 06/01/16 03:47:23 PM

What is the best gig of Steppenwolf that anybody has been to? Mine was the Royal Albert Hall and The Bath Festival. I met John backstage for the first time and stood next to Johnny Winter, who was next on! Still, when i look back on the 14 times i have seen them, it is so hard to choose. They were
all GREAT!

Bill 06/02/2016 08:06:27 PM

The first show I went to in 1969 was very fun but the venue was not good. The concert we saw in 1975 was wonderful, great venue. One of the most interesting Wolf concerts we have seen was in 1980 when John was rebuilding the brand. They played a great show, in fact the Wolf played two shows that night, it was a great experience. The RLC1 Wolffest at sea was a blast. We have seen the Wolf about 15 times and every show was special.

Bill & Tess

Tess 06/05/16 11:23:46 PM

This is Bill not Smiley
Who would be interested in a Wolffest golf outing on the Monday after the 3 day celebration?

Larry 06/07/2016 06:06:17 AM

Sorry Bill, I do not play golf, but a meeting after the Wolf Fest with you and some packers over a drink and some good Wolf memories chat would be GREAT!!Roll on next year!! Weather is hot here in Spain!

Bill 06/07/2016 08:06:02 PM

Hi Larry, an informal get together with wolfpack members would be very cool!

Bill & Tess

Larry 06/11/2016 06:06:33 PM

Look forward to it!

bill 06/12/16 02:50:55 AM

If there is another Wolf Fest for sure I think it would be best if it were held at the hotel so the band and members did not sweat their #sses off and stare right into the sun.It will keep the equipment cool and the fans.Save alot of time of moving everything from one place to another..just a thought

I remember one show JK was at the very back of the place,Bogarts,Cincinnati OH and came running down to get on stage..think the Palmers were in the line up then.
This is Bill#2

John 06/14/16 09:59:42 AM

Happy Birthday Danny Johnson, wishing you many more happy & healthy birthdays!

Bill 06/14/2016 11:06:10 PM

Right on John! Danny, we hope you have a great birthday!!!

Bill & Tess

John 06/15/16 12:58:34 AM

Wishing John Kay a fast & speedy recovery from his illness. May the peace of the Lord be with John, Steppenwolf & all the Wolfpackers!

Bill 06/16/16 08:01:21 PM

John, Tess and I hope you get well very soon. I know you are not going to let this illness get the best of you, "Hold On, Never Give up, Never Give In."

Bill & Tess

Larry 06/21/16 07:38:10 AM

How is John? It would be nice to know if he is o.k. All the best John!!

John 06/29/16 02:35:21 PM

Larry, are you going to the show in France this weekend..?

Larry 07/01/2016 06:07:40 PM

Hi John
The cheapest flight from s.e.Spain is 800 Euros plus hotels etc. Just as much by car so am saving the money and going to the Wolf Fest next year in Nashville which is a lot more exciting!!

Bill 08/03/16 08:37:21 PM

It would be fun if the remaining members of Sparrow could be at Wolffest next spring.


John 08/19/16 10:36:48 AM

Happy Birthday Charlie. It's fun when your birthday lands on a Friday, then you have all weekend to celebrate! John K.

Bill 08/23/16 08:24:12 PM

Hello Charlie! Belated happy birthday to you!! We hope you had a great day and enjoyed the day with your family.

All The Best To You,
Bill & Smiley

Larry 09/12/16 04:38:11 AM

Weather is still hot here in s.e. Spain!

Bill 09/15/16 08:40:32 PM

Hello America. Listen to Monster.

Judy 09/21/2016 12:09:22 PM

It's amazing how that song, published in 1969 I believe, echoes the sentiment felt across this country in 2016! I just heard (for the first time) the song "Justice Don't Be Slow", released in 1974 on the Slow Flux album. Are you familiar with it? I am trying to discover the meaning/origin of the song. I can't quite make out the recorded news announcement or speech that is played in the background.

Bill 09/22/2016 08:09:32 PM

I believe John is singing about Lady Justice being slow to make Nixon pay for his crimes. The words you are referring to is Nixon speaking to the country in a speech, claiming no wrong doing while blaming others for his actions. In this election cycle, no matter who gets elected, we the people are going to to get screwed.

Mark 10/18/16 03:32:14 PM

They won't get in but finally a nomination!!

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Charlie!
Ukulele Wolf

Tess 10/18/16 09:17:23 PM

Maybe justice will not be slow this time. If the wolf does not get in the rock &roll hall of fame, there name reverts back to rock & roll hall of shame. If the wolf gets in, every living member of the band should be there and families of the members that have passed should also be at the celebration. Bill & Tess

John 10/21/16 07:44:31 PM

Finally a well deserved nomination after all these years! John K.

BYRON 11/14/16 10:37:33 PM

MUCH more importantly, anyone been playing "Monster" lately?

Tess 11/18/16 09:33:22 PM

Come on Wolfpack, vote STEPPENWOLF for the Rock Hall of Fame! Time is running out!

michael 12/10/16 11:42:42 PM

Monster could have been played non stop from the moment the album hit the stores. The song's message appears never to have wavered from the political environments that we have all had shoved down our throats. And that includes NOW!! Aside from that I can listen to Monster ANYTIME!

michael 12/10/16 11:55:02 PM

Apparently Charlie had asked what we thought were some of the under-rated Step songs. I missed that but I'm going to throw in my two cent's.
1. The entire Monster album
2. The entire 7 album
3. The entire Slow Flux album
4. Almost the entire For Ladies Only and Hour of the Wolf albums.

The one exceptional quality to all the Wolf's albums was that there was never any filler songs. All of the songs were worth listening to. And quality made. Once I put any of those albums on I don't think I ever skipped ahead to hear another song.

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