To The Wolfpack And All Our Supporters

To The Wolfpack and all our supporters,

As many of you know, Steppenwolf was nominated for induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. However, the final votes are now in and The Wolf did not make it. Well, so it goes, nothing to complain about. ( As we know, there are millions around the world, and here at home, who do have many legitimate and often tragic reasons to complain and I am just grateful that I'm not one of them.) I am told that The Wolf received around 110,000 votes from our fans. Many - and you may be one of them - went to the RRHF website and voted every day on our behalf. Well Steppenwolf and I owe you a great big THANK YOU for your loyalty, support and dedication to our band, may the new year be good to all of you. I'd also like to express my appreciation to whoever at the RRHF was responsible for our nomination in the first place. The Summer of 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of Steppenwolf. During the Summer of 1967 five young Blues Rockers got their act together in the Garage at 7408 Fountain Ave in LA, a rather humble beginning. But from there The Wolf moved on and soon scaled the highs of the Rock n Roll pinnacle. During the following decades there were triumphs and failures, many highs and some lows, but our friends and fans stayed with us through up and downs and continue to support us to this day. While a RRHF induction would be nice, first and foremost in importance is The Wolfpack. Without the Pack Steppenwolf would have faded away years ago.

Hope to see you in 2017: JK

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Reader Comments (9)

Red 12/26/16 03:18:06 PM

a bit disappointing but not entirely surprising given the rock halls history of promoting fluff and glam over true substance. there will be other years and other votes and I am convinced that at some point the wolf will receive it's due. meanwhile I, and, we will soldier on knowing that we have enjoyed the pure pleasure of following and, cheering on, one of the greatest icons of some turbulent times in the formation of our country and the world at large. still rising and still shining. never give up, never give in. always working toward the balance. rock on

Darryl 05/09/2017 07:05:30 AM

What yo have to remember is the majority of Steppenwolf fans are pretty up there in years or no longer with us. A lot of us older folks don't know about voting and or never got a chance or they would of like myself. How does the average person know when and how to vote. I would of figured they were already in a long time ago! They sure deserve to be in the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame! They always will be in my mind. One of the greatest bands of all time and John Kay is a Legend!

Richard 12/26/16 08:06:51 PM

I thought you guys were already in the hall of fame.This is a serious overlook.With bands such as Yes and through the years, many glam rock bands getting in over the pioneer bands ,there must be new categories installed but the hall is too political and needs to get over itself.I think you still have a chance in coming years.Rock on, Your one of the best.

Debbie 12/28/16 03:53:06 PM

It's ridiculous Steppenwolf didn't get in! IMO, they should have been inducted years ago. The RRHOF doesn't seem too live up to its name and some of the artists chosen are truly puzzling.

Congratulations on 50 years of being one of the best rock bands on the planet!

Alison 02/02/17 12:50:28 PM

A scratching sound upon the door,
A scraping from an untamed paw,
Be silent, find a place to hide,
Don't let that hungry wolf inside,
With sharpened claw and savage bite,
It stalks its prey with teeth so white,
So bar the door and close the sash,
The wolf is born to tear and slash,
Its spirit cannot be contained,
Nor its wand'rings be constrained,

It pads away, it's had its fun,
It seeks the wilds in which to run,
It howls into the starry night,
It's running free in bold moonlight,
The Hall of Fame will have to wait,
The wolf won't live inside a gate.

Mike 03/23/17 04:25:05 PM

To J. Kay and the rest of the band: Check my post on FB yesterday re the "Monster" album, and let it be known that this rocker will never forget the Wolf! Oh, and, F_CK the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame!

Rex 04/25/17 09:04:09 PM

Next time, hopefully. Vote early, and often..and tell a friend, or two, about the voting process!

Sue 05/02/17 01:53:43 AM

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has always been for Clods That right Clods . Just be grateful Joan Baez got in this is for David and the Baby LMAO We love you John .

ankit 09/18/17 07:53:35 AM

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