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This message is exclusively for those Wolfpackers who visit this message board. We have one - Legacy Series bandana, two autographed 40th anniversary posters, Three Paradox CD's and less than 10 magnets remaining in stock. These items will not be put back in stock once they're gone. If you want, shop now!
  • Posted on   08/05/14 at 07:52:01 PM   by Charlie  | 
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Sandra 02/06/17 10:07:32 PM

Hey Charlie, is there a certain hotel, like maybe Holiday Inn Express we can get a discount at yet? Bringing my son for his 40th birthday & want to make the most of it. Read there would be a meet & greet? Get me the info sweet guy.
Sandi Burkhart

Michael 03/28/17 04:01:11 AM

Hey Charlie! Thanks for not throwing us out of the Grand Falls concert, Sincerely,, The Girls from Chicago.

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