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John 06/27/2012 06:12PM

Mr Hurst, it's been awhile so I hope you was in the year 1997, I think at one of Steppewolf concert, (ZZ Top opened for you guys), in Asheville, NC. It was a great concert by the way, awesome...anyway after the concert my girlfriend, at the time, and I left the arena. As we drove around the arena, heading to a Best Western right down the street from the arena, a hugh bus was leaving the arena so we let it go first thinking it was ZZ Top leaving first cause we were thinking that you guys just ended the concert. So as we were following the bus on our way to the Best Western I was thinking that this bus was going really slow. So when the lanes opened up to two I tried to pass around the bus but they kept cutting me off so I tried the other side and the bus did the same thing

Linda 07/02/2012 03:53PM

Ron - I am Jim Donoho's widow and I have your first set of drums. I thought you might be interested in getting them back. They are just as you left them, have been in closet and I don't need them. Thought you might like to have them back. Please contact me at Thanks. Linda Donoho

Steve 07/31/2012 04:42AM

Let me jar your memory.. We first met back in 1986 when you were in metro Det. I came out of the head to catch you & Rocket hitting on my (now ex) wife. After we smoothed things out you, Rocket & Mike came over my house ate and we split to go party, it was the 80's lol. A little time went by and we hooked back up in more places Toronto, MI. Again, Kitchener etc. etc. and eventually time got away from us all, till NOW. Thanks to tech I thought I would take a stab at seeing if
A) You did in fact remember me
B) Interested in rekindling a friendship.
I am still in metro Det. and still rocking a little more like a citizen but a hell raiser still lives within.
I would love to hear back and hopefully with a resounding... HELL YEAH! LOL
No matter what, still your friend,

DI 08/15/2015 02:50PM


Saw you last night at State Fair Park in Milwaukee. I wasn't sure that the concert would go on with the storm. Anyway by name you probably don't remember me but I was at the last Wolf Fest with my friend Steve (when I was going through cancer treatments) and we had followed the Wolf to various concerts over the years.

I wanted to say hi last night but really no good way to do that with the stage set up the way it was.

Anyway, GREAT to hear the Wolf perform again. Thanks for an enjoyable concert!

Best wishes,
Diana Rhoads
Madison, WI

Michael 12/31/2015 08:10AM

Ron,how r u it's Michael Pestritto, drummer / Limo driver from Atlantic City, NJ. We went to dinner with my son at the SHOWBOAT. The guy u saw on the video clip of The Gong Show with The Martian Robots! Cell 6099925328 Down in Fort Lauderdale, FL working on my drum project IRON THUNDER!! Heard u r coming in January Happy New Year!!!

Duncan 01/09/2016 01:40AM

I doubt you will remember me as I was a friend of 2 of your bandmates from the HHS band Bill H. and Ken P. I recall with enjoyment your days playing with the local band Ort and am still enjoying your professional successes as well. Great to see an awesome drummer succeed at something he enjoys doing.

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